rey Seal Puffins Longstone Lighthouse
1. Grace Darling’s Lighthouse on Longstone Island
Exclusive to the Golden Gate.
A guided tour inside Longstone Lighthouse, the former home of the local heroine Grace Darling. Sail around the bird sanctuaries to view the wealth of seabirds which nest on Farne Islands and visit the Grey Seal Colony. Includes a FREE landing.
This tour lasts approximately 2hrs. Dogs ARE ALLOWED to land on this island.

2. INNER FARNE* Bird Sanctuary
This is the largest of the Farne Island Group. It was here that St. Cuthbert died in 687 A.D. and there is a tiny chapel to be found on this island. The tour includes cruising around the islands to view the nesting seabirds and visiting the Grey Seal Colony.
A landing will be made at Inner Farne and public toilet facilities are available.
This tour lasts approximately 2.5 – 3hrs.

3. STAPLE ISLAND* Bird Sanctuary
Open mornings only during the nesting season 1st May – 31st July, when a landing will be made.
Staple Island is one of the major breeding grounds for several seabird colonies. This tour also includes sailing around the other islands viewing the nesting seabirds and visiting the Grey Seal Colony.
This tour lasts approximately 2.5 – 3hrs.
*Please note that there is a landing fee to pay on these islands unless you are a member of the National Trust. Dogs are NOT ALLOWED to land on any National Trust Island.

Touring around Staple Island, Inner Farne and Longstone Island including the route of Grace Darling’s rescue. This cruise views the nesting birds in their natural habitat and visits the Grey Seal Colony.
This tour last approximately 1.5hrs. Dogs ARE ALLOWED

5. ALL DAY EXCURSION Two or Three Islands
Advance Group Bookings only.
This is most suitable for ornithologists, photographers and local history enthusiasts allowing more time for the expert to observe the birds closely. This excursion is usually a two island trip, landing on Staple and Inner Farne. However it can be adapted to include Longstone Island which has a free landing and includes a tour inside Grace Darling’s Lighthouse.It is recommended to take a packed lunch.
This tour lasts approximately 5.5 – 6hrs.

School parties catered for at reduced rates

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Longstone Lighthouse